The New Vienna Area Historical Society is dedicated to preserving, interpreting and presenting the historical heritage of New Vienna and its surrounding area. Organized in 1990, the Society purchased its present day Heritage House Museum to document and proudly display area history for all to see.

History Impact

The Heritage House Museum, a 23 room building constructed in the 1850’s originally served as the parish rectory before being converted into boarding rooms and convent for the Sisters who taught in St. Boniface grade and high school. The Musuem is a unique dwelling featuring period antiques, quilts and collections. Volunteer tour guides take visitors back into the early days of New Vienna, when in 1843 five German Catholic families decided the rich fertile land would be an excellent area to call home. The same

German pride and determination has continued to present day New Vienna.

The Museum is open to the general public, and senior citizens use the space for meals, socials and other gatherings. Volunteers perform custom quilting with proceeds from the sale of the quilts going towards the museum's utilities. Through this endowment, we seek your support in endowing the Heritage House Museum for future for generations to come and experience.

Museum Hours

June, July and August
Daily 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

May and September
Weekends 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Admission: $4.00, 6-12 $1.00, and Under 6 Free
Group Tours Welcome

Call: 563-921-3165 or 563-921-4275
Email: info@nvahs.org
Visit: www.nvahs.org
7396 Columbus Street
PO Box 187
New Vienna, IA, 52065

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